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Louise Misha Fall/Winter 2021

Parisian brand, Louise Misha, was founded by it’s designer, Marie Pidancet in 2012. The collection is a story of friendship and family, of human adventure. It’s a reflection of a bohemian spirit and universe. Throughout each season, Louise Misha plays with fabrics and colors to imagine fashion that is in keeping with its signature image of careful detail: hand-made embroideries, bright colored pompoms, and macrame.

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Just In: The Animals Observatory Fall/Winter 2021

The Animals Observatory is pleased to present its Fall/Winter 2021 collection brought to you by Laia Aguilar and her never-ending fountain of inspirations. As the designer says herself “there’s never really a common thread in my collections, they are an eclectic collection of the different inputs received constantly”. Dip in and see what you can find…

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Just In: Bonpoint Pre-Fall 2021

Bonpoint was founded in 1975 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen. It is instantly recognizable by its two iconic little cherries. Legend has it that all the family secrets were whispered at La Cerisaie, the founders’ family home set amongst the cherry trees in France. The Bonpoint spirit is passed down from season to season and generation to generation through its elegance and romanticism, and unique vision that combines creativity with modernity. The Parisian fashion house has unrivalled technical experts that create endless designs with immaculate finishes, strict proportions and a multitude of subtle details, including the smocking technique that gives the famous Bonpoint dresses and blouses a timelessly graceful look. Bonpoint styling turns happiness into an everyday lifestyle.

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Just In: Bobo Choses Fall/Winter 2021

Bobo Choses loves creating fun clothes in comfortable shapes for kids to play with; writing crazy children’s books that give meaning to their collections and designing beautiful objects that lift your feet off the ground. Bobo Choses is based out of an old toy factory two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea. They’ve been learning from local manufacturers’ since their start in 2008. Bobo Choses designer’s love the idea of being kids stuck inside adults; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it. Bobo Choses is all about having fun!

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Spotlight on: Golden Goose

This Italian high fashion sneaker brand was the creation of two Venetian designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. Each shoe is handmade and constructed by artisans of Golden Goose, known as their "Sneaker Makers". Each shoe is individually distressed for their signature look and we couldn't love their mini-me collection any more!

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Minnow Summer '21: The Hideaway

Made and designed in California, minnow is a contemporary children’s swimwear label that embraces clean lines, simple details and crisp seaside breezes. Timeless yet modern, playful and polished, minnow lives for long days, sandy toes and the wonderment of childhood on the Pacific shore. Minnow is a reflection of the life and style of its founder, Morgan Smith, who envisioned a children’s swimwear collection with an elevated approach.

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Zimmermann Summer '21

Sisters Nicky and Simone ZIMMERMANN founded their namesake brand in Sydney in 1991. in its evolution, ZIMMERMANN took the bold step of fusing fashion with swimwear and presented it to the world. It immediately found its following with the fashion elite, creating a new point of reference in flattering, feminine and stylish swimwear. While the swimsuit thrust ZIMMERMANN on to the international stage, it has been its optimistic, feminine and consistently desirable collections that have propelled it to greater global appeal. The ZIMMERMANN kids collection embodies the same effortlessly romantic aesthetic.

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